Three Things That Will Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

The number of household devices that can be controlled through a WiFi system now includes almost everything in a typical home, and with an Internet connection, you can control all of these devices from anywhere you are by using your smartphone. The following are a few of the things to consider to begin creating a smart home. Get a home automation hub This device is used to connect all of your devices together on a single network.

E-Commerce Business Can't Compete with the "Big Guys"? How Strategic-Procurement Sourcing Consultants Can Help

If you have been running a successful e-commerce business but suddenly can't compete with the large retailers offering similar merchandise at "rock-bottom" prices, then you may just not know what to do to become successful again. You may have dropped your prices lower and lower to compete but have now realized you just can't drop your prices any lower, or else you will not make a profit on your merchandise. How can you become competitive again?

Getting Your Teen A Phone Or Tablet? What To Know First

If you have a teenager and they want to get a phone, there are some things you want to get to help protect the device, and so you can monitor what is going on. You should know what they are doing on any device that connects to the Internet, so you can see who they are interacting with, what they are reading about, and you also want to protect your financial investment that is the purchase of the phone.

Is It The ISP Or Your Home Network?

Slow internet performance can be confusing to troubleshoot, especially if you've had to call technical support more than once. Sometimes, resetting the modem or restarting the computer helps, or there may be an outage with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some cases, the problem might be with your computer or home network. If you want to do more than sit through the instructions at technical support, here are a few troubleshooting points that go beyond basic cable checking and resets.

4 Ways To Prevent Crime At Your Convenience Store

Owning your own convenience store can be a fun and lucrative career, allowing you the luxury of being your own boss. Unfortunately, convenience stores can also be vulnerable to crimes like armed burglaries, shoplifting, and vandalism, which damage your bottom line and put your staff at risk. In fact, studies have shown that some convenience stores are not only vulnerable to crime, but also vulnerable to repeated instances of crime. To make sure that your own convenience store doesn't face that serious problem, be sure to implement these crime prevention strategies: