Learning How To Fix Your Own Computer

4 Ways To Prevent Crime At Your Convenience Store

Owning your own convenience store can be a fun and lucrative career, allowing you the luxury of being your own boss. Unfortunately, convenience stores can also be vulnerable to crimes like armed burglaries, shoplifting, and vandalism, which damage your bottom line and put your staff at risk. In fact, studies have shown that some convenience […]

5 Questions To Ask About Your Security Alarm System

According to the FBI, an average of 2 million burglaries occur every year. And someone is home 28% of the time. For this reason, some people choose to install security alarm systems in their homes. If you have a newly installed alarm system or are considering getting one from a company like Tele-Plus, here are […]

Perform Routine Maintenance On More Than Your Data Center’s Hardware To Prevent Downtime

When it comes to managing data centers, preventative maintenance is paramount. The average cost of unexpected downtime is $7,900 per minute. While many companies know they need to perform routine data center hardware maintenance, not all companies inspect and maintain the systems that keep the center’s servers, computers and wires operating properly. If you run […]

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Electronics Retailers: Sell Obsolete Repair Parts To Free Up Space And Capital

Companies that sell electronics often stock repair parts for those items. These parts are used to fix returned models and repair items under warranty. They may also be sold to customers who wish to make repairs themselves. Once an electronic is discontinued, though, there is little reason to keep repair parts for it in stock. […]

The Power Of Audio Conferences: Using Conferencing In Your Small Congregation

Smaller churches and other houses of worship tend to operate with tighter budgets.  Providing ministries with little money does call for some creative thinking.  One way to stretch those dollars is to consider using audio conferencing to keep congregants connected.  Try these approaches and see how they make a difference. Board Meetings Congregations structured with […]