Getting Your Teen A Phone Or Tablet? What To Know First

If you have a teenager and they want to get a phone, there are some things you want to get to help protect the device, and so you can monitor what is going on. You should know what they are doing on any device that connects to the Internet, so you can see who they are interacting with, what they are reading about, and you also want to protect your financial investment that is the purchase of the phone. Here are a few of the things you want to consider getting when you get your teen the device.

Charging Station

Are you tired of looking for your teen's phones, iPods, and other devices? Are they supposed to put all of their electronics in one area at night so you can go through them, and so you know they aren't on them? If so, a charging station is ideal. You can get a station to take inventory each night, allowing you to make sure that your teen isn't using the devices, and that they are charged and ready for the next day.

Protective Cover

Get a protective cover for any phone, tablet, or mp3 player. You don't want the item to drop and get damaged, or have a liquid destroy it. The cost for a cover will be worth the money in comparison to the cost to replace the device, and you can get these to suit your teen's style. Look at the different options available and see what is the most durable for the device. You also want to get a liner placed over the screen so it doesn't shatter.

Parental Access Control Application

You should be able to control what the teen can and can't do on the device in the parental settings, and there are even more features you can look into with parental control apps. These controls allow you to track the device, manage the amount of usage, and see what the teen is doing while they're using the device.

If you are ready to get your teen a phone or any other type of device and you aren't sure what you need to do to keep your teen and the device safe, this is where you need to start. There are a lot different covers, applications, and electronic charging stations from companies like TYLT that will make everyone in the house happy. For more information, talk to an electronics professional.