Three Things That Will Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

The number of household devices that can be controlled through a WiFi system now includes almost everything in a typical home, and with an Internet connection, you can control all of these devices from anywhere you are by using your smartphone. The following are a few of the things to consider to begin creating a smart home.

Get a home automation hub

This device is used to connect all of your devices together on a single network. Although it is possible to create a smart home by controlling each device individually, having everything connected to a central hub makes the communication with all of your devices easier. There are now hubs that have voice recognition technology, so you can control all of the appliances in your home with the sound of your own voice.

Air conditioning and heating systems

Programmable thermostats can be integrated with the rest of your devices. You can change the thermostat setting from anywhere in the house. This can be advantages at night when you are in bed and want to turn the thermostat setting up or down. Another situation is when you may be on your way home at a time you normally don't get home. With a smartphone, you will be able to remotely turn the heat or air, so it is the exact temperature you desire when you arrive.

Security systems

There are several items that you can use to put together a security system for your home. Smart locks for doors and windows are available. Sensors that you can install in areas of your home that are best for your specific floor plan can be purchased as well. Outdoor cameras can be installed with lighting that can be programmed for operation or turned on and off manually. Likewise, indoor cameras can be used in conjunction with motion sensors to record when triggered. You can also control the indoor lighting in your home to give the illusion that someone is there while you are away. There are kits available that contain a variety of security devices that can simplify the process of automating home security for your home.

The possibilities for turning your house into a smart home are greater than what is listed above, but you should start with the basics. You can expand to include any number of other appliances in your home including most kitchen appliances. In addition, there are new applications that have been especially designed for a smart home environment. One example is a pet feeding device. Like everything else in your new smart home, you can control these devices, through your smartphone, from anywhere you may be.