Mounting Your Television For Safety And Security

When you make the move to a new flat screen television for your home, you need to consider where you will put it and how you will mount it. There are several options that can save space in the room and make it easier to see the screen. You may also want to think about the security of the television while you are at it.

Choosing A Mounting Location

Now that you have the new television, you need to take a look at where you want to put it. With newer flat screens, you can mount them on a wall, put them on a stand, or put them in an entertainment center if you want. The point is that there are so many options that you just need to decide what works best in your space. What works for you might not be the best choice for the next person. Take a minute to look at all the possibilities and see what is possible before you start any work.

Safety and Security

Modern mounting hardware for televisions is really pretty nice. There are many styles to choose from and many different mounting brackets or platforms you can use. Some brackets are all about supporting the weight of the TV on the wall, while others have additional security features on them that allow the television to be locked in place to avoid theft. If you are in a situation where you feel security is an issue, you may want an anti-theft wall mount with locking brackets to secure the TV. Once installed, the television cannot be moved without a key.

Installing Your Television Brackets

More than ever, people are opting to mount the television on a wall, where it can be seen and take up less space. If you are installing the brackets yourself, be sure to follow the directions precisely. If the TV falls off the wall, it could hurt someone in the area, and it may damage the television. There are kits available to do the work yourself, most of which include the mounting brackets and the hardware to do the job. Most people can mount the TV with a few tools, a little patience, and a bit of time.

Hiring An Installer

If you are not comfortable mounting the television, there are installers available to hang the TV or install the security brackets for you. The cost will vary with the job, and in the case of a very large television, the wall may need to be shored up to support the weight. If you choose to use an installer, try to find one who comes with references of past job performance. You want to be sure they are professional and thorough so you can be confident in the work they are doing for you.