3 Tips For Avoiding Common Problems With Tablets Before They Happen

Unless you are someone who purchases a new tablet every time a new model is released, then you likely want your tablet to stay in great shape for as long as it can. The truth is that even an affordable tablet can last for many years when it is treated properly. Follow these tips to avoiding common problems that often occur with tablets, and you can look forward to several great years of usage out of your current tablet before you need to repair or replace it. 

1. Cracked Screen

Tablets and cell phones are more prone to developing cracked screens than laptop computers, because they are often toted around and treated more harshly. However, you don't have to stop using your tablet on-the-go if you take proper precautions to avoiding this common tablet problem. 

First, make sure to apply a proper clear screen-protector over your tablet display. You can leave the factory screen-cover that came with your tablet on, purchase another plastic screen cover, or, you can opt for one of the newer glass screen covers that offer the optimal screen protection against scratches and cracking. 

Don't worry that a screen-protector will make your touch screen less sensitive, because they usually don't reduce sensitivity to a point where it is even noticeable. If you do notice a decrease in sensitivity with your current cover, then opt for a thinner one that is 0.1mm or thinner. 

2. Broken Power Jack

The power jack of a tablet, cell phone, or laptop is a part that must be respected, or it can be one of the first parts of any of these devices to break. While most important components of the devices are located deep within your tablet, this is one very important part that must be located close to the surface of a tablet to serve its purpose. 

It is very important to always use a charging cord with a tip that is an exact fit for your tablet. If the one that comes with your tablet needs to be replaced, then don't use another power cord you have handy to charge it that you have to maneuver into place, because it fits improperly. It may seem to work properly at first, but it will gradually destroy your power jack by shifting the pin out-of-place. 

Also, be careful to always leave some slack in the cord when your tablet is charging. Make sure to do this not only when your tablet is charging when it is not in use, but also when you are using your tablet when it is charging. If a table or your favorite chair is not close enough to the electrical outlet that you can leave some slack in the cord when charging your tablet, then move the table or chair. 

If the charging cord is pulled too tightly, then you risk shifting the pin in your power jack or even breaking it. Like when using an ill-fitting power cord tip, the damage can occur gradually over time, even if it does not break the jack immediately. 

3. Battery That No Longer Holds a Charge

All it takes is a quick look at your tablet to see that replacing a tablet battery when it goes bad is not as easy as replacing a laptop batter that you can often snap out and replace easily. Tablet battery replacement often requires taking the entire tablet apart, which should only be done by a professional tablet repair professional. 

Thankfully, the key to making your tablet battery hold a charge and stay in good shape as long as possible requires a similar technique to making any battery last as long as possible by following good basic battery hygiene.  

Don't let the battery fully discharge, but instead begin charging it before it is completely run out. Also, always store your tablet in a cool place (never in a hot car!), and unplug your tablet from the charging cord when it is fully charged. 

These tips can help your tablet last longer before needing repairs or replacement. If your tablet is already broken, then the great news is that there are many handy tablet repair services like Nation's First Office Repair that allow you to send your tablet to them for super-affordable repairs and battery replacement.